Tuesday, June 27

Upcoming Children's Workshops in Berwick upon Tweed

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Here are this summer's Making and Moving offerings.

Last summer 'Making and Moving' workshops were born. They are a combination of creativity and movement, and after a successful summer holidays we ran Christmas sessions and Easter workshops. 

The combination of getting creative, and then getting up to run around and play games works very well for younger children, and these workshops are open to ages 5-10.

We are running these from East Ord Village Hall this year (we love the Scout Hut but it is all booked up for summer). East Ord Village Hall has a PLAY PARK next door, and is suitable for children with pet allergies as there are no dog training classes happening there. Hooray!

Let's cut and stick! Googly eyes, pipe cleaners, old magazines, scissors and glue. We have everything you need to make THE MOST BEAUTIFUL COLLAGE EVER. A couple of games thrown in, and this looks to be a very fun afternoon indeed!

Calling all bug and flower fans! If the weather is nice we'll go outside, but if it's not nice,  the garden can come inside to us. I hope it's good weather so we can go and play outside in the park!

I love unicorns, do you? For this workshop we will use a lot of bright colours, glitter, and create our very own wearable unicorn designs. (And we'll play some unicorn games, of course.)

Learn some exciting techniques for making prints. These are all small-child friendly and use washable ink so you can relax while they make some mini masterpieces for the fridge!

Raaaaargh. Time to channel your inner Tarzan and paint lots of colourful and exotic jungle creatures and plants. There's a tonne of inspiration in the jungle and we'll spend the workshop painting to our hearts' content and playing jungle-related games.

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