Tuesday, March 28

Pre Order the 100 day project book!

**trumpets sound**  There are only 2 weeks left of the 100 day project, so pre-orders of the 100 day project book are now available. Wahoooo.
If you're a Patron then you get a special discount code in an email, which entitles you to 10% off (thank you to my first ever patrons!)
If you're one of the lucky first 5, then you choose your favourite image from the entire project and i'll make those into postcards for everyone else. Ohhh the power!   Visit my Etsy shop (and order your copy) here: 

Monday, March 27

Latest work - The Bad Idea Bears

Here's a fun bit of work I did a couple of weeks ago for Kimberly, who was looking for a unique gift for her friend.

They call themselves the Bad Idea Bears so I drew them like this, wearing big bear suits. Bahaha.

Kimberly left this lovely review over on my Facebook page. Thank yooou!

If you've got an idea for an illustration you'd like to give as a gift, then get in touch! I am friendly, I promise.

Email: katiedraws.hello@gmail.com (or feel free to message me over on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook)

Wednesday, March 15

Latest Pet Portrait

Margo the moggie
If you'd like a portrait of your own fluffy friend, or as a gift for someone special, just send me a message and we can chat about it.

Tuesday, March 14

Live Illustrating for Edinburgh University's Sustainability Department

Here are some photos from last week's sustainability event which I live-illustrated at for Edinburgh University. 

I recorded people's ideas while they discussed the main themes, making drawings and notes the whole afternoon. From table to table I hopped about to make sure I got everyone's points of view recorded.

"The illustrations were super, and I think it really added something special to the event. "
-Claire Martin, Edinburgh University

The illustrations will be used by Edinburgh University's sustainability department, possibly in a publication and the originals will be displayed in their new office when they move building later in the year.

Photos all taken by Anna Cernikova, a fellow Edinburgh College of Art Student. I highly recommend her if you need some photos in Edinburgh! Click to view bigger versions.


Sunday, March 12

New Card Range in the shop!

I made floral cards from the flowers i've been painting as part of the #100dayproject.

I'm going to send one to my Mum for Mother's day, and the rest out as Easter cards. Would you like one? They're £3 from my online shop here:

Multi packs available too, and different envelope colours!


Pink and Red Flowers

Pink Flowers



Tuesday, March 7

Making and Moving Easter

:) New poster. I'm going to put some up around Berwick this week. Keep yo' eyez peeled.

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