Thursday, September 29

Italian Nonni

June in Venice

This summer I was lucky enough to spend 3 weeks in Venice, and while I'd been there before, I'd never noticed *quite* how stylish the Italian nonni are. That's grandparents, to you and I. Scottish and English old people do not fill me with nearly as much admiration as the Italian oldies do. I feel like no other country produces such effortless, bronzed, floaty style-icons as bella Italia.

As they shuffled from the beach bar to the sun lounger, gelato in hand, I took quick photos of them and even had a chat with one old man called Franco. We chatted for a long time in my terrible Italian and I learned that he was 96 years old, had lived by the Venice Lido for his whole life, and had been a tennis coach for many years. He took great delight in yelling at some young tennis players 'your serve technique, it is disgusting...what kind of teacher is teaching you this!?'

Franco - 96 year old retired tennis coach

I love Italy. That is all.

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