Tuesday, July 5

Illustration NE Exhibition

I'm going to be exhibiting alongside these talented people :)  Come along and buy some of my work!  I am toying with the idea of selling a couple of originals, as well as prints.  Ooooooh!

Darren Cairney – www.darrencairney.co.uk

Plumleaf Hoang
Paul X Johnson – www.paulxjohnson.com
Lucy Farfort – www.lucyshappyplace.com
Robbie Drewbert Dixon – www.rob-bees.blogspot.com
Pete Burn – www.peteburn.co.uk
Alicia Yolanda – www.aliciayolanda.com
Peter Falkous – www.circa77.co.uk
Laura Cartwright – www.lauracartwright.com

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