Monday, February 28

Woodcut Printing

Woodcut in progress...
First things first - I coloured in the bits NOT to chisel off.  (and yes, that is a pine shelf from B&Q that i'm  hacking into)
the wood block itself, all inked up and masked off.

experiments (amount of ink, pressure, various paper  types)

the theme was "tension" ...but this is a bit too horrific.  Oh wellllll. 

Printmaking... I do not love it.


  1. how can you not love printmaking?
    who is the person?
    it kinda looks like jackie chan in the end one
    is it jackie chan?

  2. tis a photo of a random crying child.... will I get more marks if it is jackie chan? If so, then YES. THAT IS A PRINT OF JACKIE CHAN, SOBBING.

    I do not love printmaking because i am bad at it. I like looking at other people's prints though.


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