Saturday, February 5

The Typographic Pledge

I love this packaging design/typography/fish illustration.  These spicy sardines will not get eaten for a long time..  They're too pretty.

Ahhh, typography. I've been up early this morning getting my research and experimentation done. There is SO MUCH INFORMATION on typography. I'm a bit overwhelmed.


  1. dont waitrose have some very cool packaging designs?
    although it might not be very good business practice to have your products look too good to eat or people wouldn't replace them...

  2. hmmmm... true. Waitrose stuff is usually really tasty though. I might eat the aforementioned sardines and then just SCRUB the tin clean so I can keep it without the flat smelling sardine-y. Heh.

  3. i challenge you to remove all the fishyness from the can if you can (hoo har).
    its part of the metal now
    a new element
    (hoo har)

  4. fnaar fnar fnar fnar *wheeeeze* hoo haar.


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