Tuesday, January 18

Tourist for a Day

...today I went around Sunderland, touched a cow's face, went to Penshaw monument, saw a man hitting a washing machine with a hammer, got swooped on by two swans, and saw a castle.

I love doing research...

**photographic evidence of cow-touching**


  1. haha! we still call it ponshaw modument in my house 'cause I could never say it when i was little but everytime we drove past i'd point at it and shout "PONSHAW MODUMENT!"
    Also you have matching hair :D xxx

  2. hahaa MINT! Ponshaw Modument, haha. Also, I am a bit amazed at how similar my hair is to the cow's hair. It is officially cow-ginger.

  3. What a beautiful blue sky in the background!


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