Saturday, June 19

Final Show

It's taken me way too long to upload these!  Have neglected my blog a bit in the post-college whirlwind.  In the past two weeks I have moved all my stuff out of Byker, done the final show, and scooted off to Venice to be an au pair/nanny for 3 months.

Everything here is amazing!  Have been drawing a lot of cartoon characters, mermaids, fairies and princesses for the 6 year old girl i'm looking after.  Also planning to do more art for ME once I get more settled in.


p.s. thankyou to Jill Johnson and Lynsey Grey for awesome photo-ness!


  1. haha thanks for the mention but I think these are the photos Jillman took :)

  2. Haha I'm not sure if I took these or not =p but also thanks for the mention x


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