Tuesday, April 13

Mucking About

A fish.

I need to think of a story for him...

edit///  I made Mr. Fish a sea to swim in.  (I liked drawing the anemones and coral)

Stuff I learned when making the sea = how to add "noise" to layers, what the different effects for layers do - especially bevel and emboss...and the joys of smudging :-)


  1. he's awesome Katie, was this inspired by that bird one you posted? it's an awesome style. you should do some more! now! NOWW!

  2. A story, eh?

    How about a fish looking for his fingers in the wreck of an old boat. It could be a story with a moral ending like 'you don't need fingers when you've got friends like these' STAGE DIRECTION: enter crab, jellyfish and blue whale, with cake.


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