Tuesday, January 5

Writing My Personal Statement

...makes me want to poke my eyes out. 

HOWEVER!  Here are the "tips" Dave gave us yesterday.  Bah.

Stuff to include:-
  • What type of work you're interested in.
  • The type of work you've been doing at college.  What skills do you have?  What software can you use? 
  • Put a link to your blog if it is relevant.  Hah!
  • What do you aspire to? AKA what job d'you want?  What's your focus?
  • Influences
  • Animation trips or general travel.
  • Why you're applying for a 3rd year or another course, and how you'll benefit their institution.
  • Keep it current **past 2 years**
  • Convince them that you aren't going to drop out.  Tell them about commitment-related stuff like jobs, time management etc.  Demonstrate that you can motivate yourself.

  • Write about pointless hobbies
  • Name-drop excessively or go on and on about someone else's work
  • Mention Manga or Anime.  (You are not Japanese.)

Gah.  It needs to be written and handed to Dave by the 11th... I wish I could just re-cycle my old one.


  1. Haha... the part of not mentioning anime made me laugh. I guess I can kiss the degree good bye then. I am surprised as you do not need to be japanese to like/love anime and manga plus if a person aspires to work with other japanese animators in the anime industry, then it would be pointless to do this degree with such a mindset as described above. I believe understanding 2d and 3d animation is important in it's various aspects, but ultimately if someone has aspirations to manage their own anime studio and work with other well-known studios (Studio Ghibli as an example), then who has the right to judge and say 'Do not mention Manga or Anime'.

    If a person aspires to work for a client that has no interest in anime, then sure, don't mention it... but if it is important to your work and life, then by all means...mention it.

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  3. I disagree, Lycanine. In the animation world, Anime is well known for its subpar animation and unoriginal design. Anime is a red flag for animation professionals and institutions. Especially for artists who carry the anime style, this communicates a lack originality and a weak artistic voice.


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